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A handheld tuner can be added in fifteen minutes and optimize performance for mods you have already completed or a higher grade of fuel.  
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Performance Programmer The Trinity’s tuning options vary depending on the vehicle that is being tuned. Gasoline powered vehicles feature tunes based on minimum octane ratings while Diesels are based on Horse Power Ratings.Virtual Drag Tree We just discussed the Trinity’s virtual gauge system and how your vehicle’s sensors can be displayed on the screen in real time- but did you know that there is information coming from your vehicle that can allow the Trinity to approximate all kinds of... 
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Weight:5.0 lbs
Diablo has created a solution to tune 2015-2016 Chrysler cars & trucks, but it’s a little different than using a typical tuner. Tuning a 2015-2016 Chrysler car or truck now requires an aftermarket PCM as well as the tuner in order for you to tune up your ride. We can provide you all the necessary equipment (PCM and Tuner) that allows you to install a tune on your vehicle. NOTE—At this time, PCM modification and DiabloSport pre-modified PCMs are only available for the vehicles... 
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Dimensions:10 X 10 X 15
Weight:6.0 lbs
GET THE BEST PERFORMANCE UPGRADE FOR YOUR CHRYSLER Upgrade your horsepower in minutes with our inTune i2 Power Programmer. It is easy to install and plugs right into your vehicle’s OBD-II port. Our tuning team maps out all of the i2’s tunes for your exact car or truck. Our goal is to make the biggest power gain, with the largest choice of performance options. The i2 features the latest electronics too; find out more about what makes the i2 the best handheld tuner... 
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Weight:3.0 lbs
Original Price:$449.00
Sale:  $389.00