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Internal and External Fuel Pumps

More fuel is a must. These pumps provide unmatched performance, longevity, reliability, and fuel delivery. 
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Competition Single Pump Fuel System The API Competition Single Pump Fuel System by Arrington Performance eliminates the stock fuel pump and replaces it with a single high output turbine pump. This system utilizes a turbine 262 pump that is designed specifically for Pump Gas and High Octane Race Fuels NOTE: This system is NOT compatible with alcohol-based fuels including E-85. This fuel system is rated for 700 horsepower based on current testing. The system utilizes the stock fuel basket and... 
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Dimensions:8 x 8 x 4
Weight:10.0 lbs
Walbro 400 Fuel Pump Whether you’re supercharging, turbocharging, or going with a NA stroker – more fuel is a must! Walbro pumps are the industry standard for in tank high performance fuel pumps.Walbro fuel pumps provide unmatched performance, longevity, reliability, and fuel delivery. This 400 LPH fuel punp will make sure your fuel needs are met. It can flow 346.57 LPH @ 13.5 volts and 60 psi. Walbro’s latest offering, an all-new pump flowing significantly more than the old Walbro 255... 
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Weight:5.0 lbs
HEMI Walbro 255 HP Fuel Pump Shop HEMI now offers Walbro fuel pumps to fit Fore's dual and triple fuel pump assemblies. They are designed to flow 255+ LPH each, which makes them the perfect size for a HEMI multi pump setup. These are the same pumps we use in our Arrington Engines supercharger kit. Also, note that although a Walbro pump is very common part, this the specific model that fits Fore Performance Works setup(others will not fit). Price is for a single pump, please order the... 
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Weight:5.0 lbs
All pumping components have been validated to OEM specifications for approved use in E85/flex fuel applications. Features Horsepower: 750+ (Designed for engines with more than 500 HP) Flow Rate: 450 LPH Outperforms all current market in-tank fuel pumps Award-winning OE technology High-pressure, high-flow performance OEM technology designed and developed for E85  
Product Rating:
Weight:5.0 lbs