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Tools, and Paint

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Crank Pin Drill Fixture for LX and LC The ATI Crank Pin Drill Fixture Kit for the HEMI 5.7L and 6.1L Super Damper allows you to install 1 or 2 dowel pins into your HEMI crank. This will greatly increase the strength of your crank assembly and eliminate damper twist on the shaft. The crank may be drilled and the pin installed without removing the engine from your LX or LC. This is a great addition for any HEMI engine used in circle track racing or supercharged applications!  
Product Rating:
Weight:4.0 lbs
Engine Paint Street HEMI Orange 
Product Rating:
Dimensions:3 x 7 x 3
Weight:1.0 lbs
Valve Spring Tool: This Manley Valve Spring Compressor tool takes all the hassle out of changing valve springs with the heads on a HEMI engine. The handle provides excellent leverage for compressing almost any spring and its black oxide finish will last a lifetime. An air holding plug to keep valves from falling into cylinder is required. Works with any Chrysler or Ford with Shaft Mounted Rockers.  
Product Rating:
Dimensions:12 x 2 x 12
Weight:1.0 lbs