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Nitrous Injection for HEMIs

Add a nitrous injection or fogger system to get additional power from your Naturally aspirated HEMI engine or boost the top end output of your forced induction race HEMI build. 
Nitrous Injection Kits
Look no further for your Nitrous Needs. API offers a wide range of Kits to satisfy all Hemi owners. 
Nitrous Injectors and Plates
Update your obsolete nitrous system with easy to install injectors and Perimeter Plates. 
Nitrous Bottles
Show Quality Nitrous bottles for standard or race use to improve your Nitrous System. 
Nitrous Accessory Kits and Nozzles
Upgrade your Nitrous Kit with high quality injection nozzles or accessory kits for your Hemi powered vehicle. 
Nitrous Mounting Kits and Brackets
API offers everything you might need to mount and install your nitrous system.  
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DetailsUpgrade. The Nitrous Outlet hard line kit comes with everything you need to upgrade your current plate system from soft to hard lines.Application. These pre-fabricated hard-lines are designed to work with Nitrous Outlet bottom exit solenoids and vehicle specific solenoid brackets creating the cleanest looking installation possible. These hard lines are specifically made to fit the Dodge 6.1L plate with the Nitrous Outlet Vehicle specific solenoid bracket. 
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Weight:1.0 lbs
DetailsSuperior Atomization. This injection plate has 6 specially designed nitrous and fuel discharge ports that completely saturate the air intake charge with the best atomized mixture possible. For higher horsepower levels proper distribution into the air stream is critical for even cylinder to cylinder distribution.Quality Construction. All Nitrous Outlet injection plates are machined from billet aluminum, have a black anodized finish, and are CNC engraved with the Nitrous... 
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Weight:4.0 lbs
DetailsGain up to 250 HP. This wet nitrous single nozzle system comes out of the box ready to spray up to 200 HP but is capable flowing up to 250 HP with additional jetting.Race Proven. Nitrous Outlet systems are favored by professional and amateur racers alike because of their quality components, unrivaled fitment, and extreme performance. All components in this system are made from the highest quality materials available.Complete System. This system includes everything... 
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Weight:0.0 lbs
Details.169 Orifice Valve. The X-Series valve is capable of flowing 300HP of nitrous and uses #326 style two piece bottle nut and nipple. This valve also has a port for a NHRA valve to meet NHRA regulations. (NHRA valve sold seperatly)Heavy Duty Finish. The X-Series nitrous bottle is made from high grade aluminum and given a black power coat finish for a long lasting show quality look.Application. This bottle will work with any brand nitrous system and will fit any standard... 
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Weight:18.0 lbs
   Details    X-Series. X-Series systems are designed for racers on a budget. Made from the same high quality parts and materials as other Nitrous Outlet systems, X-series systems feature a 1/16th nozzle and smaller solenoids than traditional Nitrous Outlet systems. X-       Series systems can flow 175HP out of the box     Single Nozzle. This system includes everything needed to install a wet single nozzle system capable of flowing... 
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Weight:30.0 lbs