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Arrington Forged Crate Engines (392, 426 and more)

Arrington builds engines using existing HEMI engine blocks (5.7L and 6.4L) and all new moving parts. Our NASCAR-experienced engine builders use forged components and race-proven technologies to provide the best combination of performance and reliability available. 

Our engines come with a 3 year / 36,000 mile warranty. Additional displacement sizes are available - please call for info.
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The Arrington 6.4L-based 426 HEMI Stroker is built entirely on forged components and can be used naturally aspirated or boosted in applications up to 1000 HP.Other displacements are available based on the 6.4L block, including forging the 6.4L/392 engine without increasing displacement, or expanding up to 448 cubic inches.Note: NO CORES required -- call if you are upgrading and want credit for trading in your existing engine. 
Product Rating:
Dimensions:42 x 42 x 48
Weight:600.0 lbs
The Arrington 6.4L-based 448 HEMI Stroker is the MAX. This is the largest displacement we can warranty using this engine block. Built from forged, high-performance components and available with high compression ratios and high-performance cams, this engine can make up to 630 HP on 93 octane. When paired with a control system, this engine is ready to drop-in and run, either as a replacement for your modern vehicle or to power an updated classic or hot rod.Not recommended and not warranted... 
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Dimensions:42 x 42 x 48
Weight:600.0 lbs
The Arrington Forged 392 crate engine does not change the displacement of the stock 6.4L HEMI engine, but upgrades the components for higher-performance applications, including forced induction. The Chrysler 6.4L HEMI is notorious for failing when pushed by a supercharger or turbocharger at 8 psi boost or more. We replace all of the moving parts with forged or matched high-performance parts, ready to rev higher, work harder, and increase overall power. When paired with a controller, this... 
Product Rating:
Dimensions:42 x 42 x 48
Weight:600.0 lbs