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Wheels and Tires

Change style or grip on the road with a new set of rims or tires for your HEMI. Upgrade to drag slicks or cruise the show scene with a new set of rims and tires. 
Wheel and Tire Packages
The best way to buy wheels and tires for your Hemi is to get a wheel and tire package. This is because they arrive mounted and balanced, ready to install. API offers various packages for different driving applications. 
Specially manufactured for racing, these wheels are lighter and stronger than factory Rims. Offered in many different sizes and styles. 
Enhance traction during launch and deliver stability down the track with a new set of competition tires. We offer various styles and functionality for your HEMI vehicle. 
Wheel and Tire Accessories
ShopHEMI has everything you may need for racing wheels and tires. Choose from a wide variety of parts and accessories. 
Wheel Sensors
Warning light for your tire pressure keep coming on but all the tires have correct pressure? Might mean your sensor has gone bad. Check out these OE replacement sensors for your HEMI vehicle.