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Air Intake System

Bolt on instant horsepower and improved throttle response by modifying your HEMI's air intake system. Cold air intakes and throttle bodies are the most popular and simplest mods to add power to your HEMI. 
HEMI Cold Air Intakes
Cold air intakes are the most popular bolt on performance mod for your HEMI. These can usually be installed with ease and add quick horsepower. 
HEMI Throttle Bodies
Compliment your cai with a HEMI throttle body that matches it's diameter. A larger TB will increase throttle response as well as airflow. 
HEMI Intake Manifolds
Smooth out the air entering your heads and remove the lip behind your larger diameter throttle body with a ported intake manifold.  
Replacement Air Filters
Replace worn or clogged air filter to bring back the life of your cold air intake or improve airflow in your HEMI's stock intake system. 
Intake Gaskets and Seals
When replacing your HEMI intake manifold with a supercharger or ported version or upgrading your throttle body with a new one don't forget to replace the gaskets. 
Spacers and Silicone elbows
Boost horsepower with a throttle body spacer. Adapt your intake to a larger throttle body or replace worn out rubber elbows to maintain your HEMI's performance.