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Clutches, Converters, and Bellhousing Components

Get into gear with a replacement clutch built to handle your HEMI's horsepower. Going to the track? Improve the launch of your NAG1 Automatic Transmission with a high stall torque converter. 
Clutch Kits
Replace your factory OEM clutch with a high performance clutch kit. These units will not only give you quicker launches off the line but also have a higher torque capacity. 
Upgrade your flywheel to a billet steel flywheel for high horsepower applications. 
Replacing your stock flex plate is a good idea for high horsepower daily drivers and a must for those who compete in racing events. API offers the best high quality flexplates manufactured. 
Torque Converters
Need more torque? Make quicker launches with these high performance torque converters for your HEMI. 
Clutch Disks and Pressure Plates
Replace your worn out Clutch Disk or Pressure plate with these high quality smooth uptake, high torque capacity disks and plates 
Transmission Adapters
These transmission adapter kits allow Hemi owners to use various transmission setups. 
Got a lot of horsepower? Replacing the Bellhousing with one made for extreme speed is a must and is a requirement at many sanctioned tracks around the country.