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Fuel Hats

Install a new fuel hat to optimize the fuel pressure in your HEMI. These fuel hats are designed to be used with min to max Horse power ranges. 
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Competition Single Pump Fuel System The API Competition Single Pump Fuel System by Arrington Performance eliminates the stock fuel pump and replaces it with a single high output turbine pump. This system utilizes a turbine 262 pump that is designed specifically for Pump Gas and High Octane Race Fuels NOTE: This system is NOT compatible with alcohol-based fuels including E-85. This fuel system is rated for 700 horsepower based on current testing. The system utilizes the stock fuel basket and... 
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Dimensions:8 x 8 x 4
Weight:10.0 lbs
API Competition 1500 HEMI Dual Pump Fuel Hat  The Arrington Performance Competition 1500 Fuel hat was designed for the extreme enthusiast. For HEMI engines running stroker engines sprayed with high shots of nitrous, high boost capable turbocharger systems, or high boost superchargers, this twin fuel hat system provides a complete in tank solution. By upgrading your HEMI fuel system you can support your current setup and prevent starvation if additional modifications are made. Arrington... 
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Weight:20.0 lbs
The API Fuel Hat Wiring Harness  This heavy gauge wiring harness makes installation even easier and provides the much needed functionality some of our competitor’s kits lack. This wiring system replaces your small diameter OEM wiring, which was not designed to handle the electrical draw from a multiple pump setup. The harness includes the in tank retrofit kit to allow utilization of the factory fuel siphon. In addition to the parts and pieces for in tank installation, the harness includes an... 
Product Rating:
Weight:10.0 lbs