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Oiling System

As the horsepower of your HEMI engine increases, so does the need for oil and the amount of blow by gas. Prevent engine contamination and oil system failure by installing an upgrade. 
Oil Pans
Need extra oil capacity for your HEMI? Check out these oil pans designed specifically for High Horsepower Vehicles. 
Air-Oil Separators and Catch Cans
Reduce your blow-by oil with one of these air oil separators made for high performance HEMI vehicles. 
PCV Valves and Hoses
Upgrade Your HEMI's oil system with high performance Pressure Valves and Hoses. 
Oil Pumps
Factory Pumps just don't supply enough oil to lubricate and cool a high performance engine. Upgrade your pump to one that has been designed specifically for higher HP applications. 
Oil Pan Gaskets, Plugs and Windage Trays
All oil accessories you may need for your high performance HEMI. 
Oil and Oil Filters
High quality performance filters and oil for your racing or daily driver needs.